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Google plus is a sort of social networking site, On world level it is 2nd most famous social connectivity website ( some people say that twitter is on 2nd ). Bloggers have been thinking about increasing their blog visitors and page views but very less among them succees due to high level of competition, those who succeed use some tricks and these tricks lead them to success.
People believe that focusing on choosing good title and writing great material is enough to become a successful blogger but it is only true if you want to become a good blogger not a successfull or famous blogger. Successful bloggers use to share their posts and URLs on the social websites, Spread their material through different media, advertise their posts and many more.

Very less amount of people are aware of power of social media and networking, they only consider it a place to make some fun and spend time. Social media can be used to direct unlimited and massive traffic to your blog just by using some strategy and this is the main difference b/w a good blogger and a successful blogger.

How to use Google + to increase your blog traffic?
Google +
Google+ helped many bloggers improve their ranking , hence a loyal and best helper
Google + can give you a great amount of traffic if you fully utilize it, The reason why i think that Google + is best than other social sites is that :
  • It provide you opportunity to spread your material, blog post or any other thing not only to your friend, but friends of your friend and then their friend also see your blog post or URL you uploaded
  • Actually using Google+ you can spread material in different circles. These circles are public, friends, following, spreaders and many more
  • Their is a circle known as Extended circle. This circle spread your material to not only to your friends but to the friends to your friend. It gives you an opportunity to make your post famous and get a massive and considerable amount of visitors for your blog
To add "Extended circle" option in sharing option hust click on right side of "Public circle" and you will see a list of circles choose "Extended circle"

It is not a story, it is a truth and proven fact that Google + can help improve your blog traffic, we have many cases and success stories goverened by G+.

Kelly Saks success story

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