How to increase battery time of your android device

Posted by Shan the caliph
Android software contain many great features and specs. It is probably considered as the best software of smrtphone and tablet platform. Almost all the famous and bigger hardware companies are launching their deivces with android as software. In short android is like a vogue and fasion now a days

Together with all the cool and great features their are certain drawbacks that present in the overview of android. In all the drawbacks one of the main is "More battery consumption". This mega software consumes a great amount of battery, making android phone battery timing lesser. 

Is their any solution to this problem?

Yes, their are some steps by doing which you can improve the battery timing of your android device. Figure out the following steps and improve your android phone's battery.

1; Turn vibration to off even in silence mode

Vibration drains about 20% of your droid's overall batery. Avoid applying vibration or vibrate mode on your phone, If you will follow this step you will be able to improve your battery to about 20%.

2; Turn off Wifi and GPS when not in use

Wifi and GPS services are used by people most frequently than any other service, and about 60% of the people forget to turn them off after using.. It will drain your andoid battery to about 15%. So if you will take care in this area you will be able to save your droid's battery to about 15%.

If you will follow the two above mentioned steps you will collectively save about 35% of your android device.

3; Lower your android phone's brightness

Brightness refers to display part of your android device and makes about 40% of your android's battery. If you will keep brighteness slightly low then you will able to save about 10-20% of your droid's battery.

4; Using application to save battery for you

Google play store contain many applications that functions to increase your android phone's battery. Some main applications that can save about 30% of your overall battery and increasee charging time of your android device are mentioned below

So collectively if you will follow all the steps mentioned above you can save about 75% of your android phone's battery 



  1. Well I think that you can also use some software to do this named as optimizers then why not using them and avoiding all other things

    1. Dear Mr. Anonumous softwares will destroy your android base but these tricks will increase your android battery by real and natural way